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About Windows 

Youth Program

Our flagship program is the Youth Communication and Action Program (YMAP), an intensive two-year educational initiative aimed at providing participants with the knowledge, experience and skills required to bring critical thinking and constructive discourse to their communities.


A four-month empowerment program prepares the girls, first of all within the identity groups, for a meeting with the others. The joint process includes the exchange of guided letters, separate weekly workshops for each identity group, and bi-national two- and three-day seminars held several times a year.


The program enables participants to deal honestly and courageously with the core issues of the past and the present. The knowledge and insights they acquire are reflected in the media for the youth they create together.

Soon we will tell you more about our programs...

Public Programs

In addition to the youth programs, Windows also offers programs for the general public for Hebrew, Arabic and English speakers. 

Through tours, film screenings, workshops and lectures we seek to promote broader perspectives of the situation in Israel and abroad, as well as to inspire responsibility for the action while encouraging direct communication between participants. 

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